1.  What do I do if I have pain after a car accident?

Seek medical help by going to an Urgent Care or Emergency Room to rule out any serious injuries from the accident

2.  Do I need medical help?

It’s always best to get checked out by a licensed physician for your own piece of mind.  It also shows medical necessity to the insurance company.

3.  Should I take pictures of the damage to both cars and licenses plates?

Yes.  It’s best to record the damages to both cars which will explain the accident to your attorney, doctors and insurance company.

4.  Should I take pictures of any bruises or cuts I may get after an accident?

Yes.  Again it is always good to have a record of the bruises, swelling and cuts for your personal injury case.

5.  Do I need to go to Urgent Care if I don’t feel any pain?

Yes, a lot of times, you won’t feel pain before the 24-72 hours. After the shock of the accident wears off, pain will most likely set in.

6.  Should I see a Chiropractor or my Primary Care Doctor?

A Primary Care Doctor will be able to prescribe medication for the swelling and the pain.  A Chiropractor will be able to treat that swelling and pain and realign your body to pre-accident status.

7.  How do I find a Chiropractor?

It’s always best to ask your friends/family for a personal referral or search for a chiropractor who specializes in car accident injuries and rehabilitation.

8.  When do I notify the insurance company?

As soon as possible, let your insurance company and the other party’s insurance company that you may be seeking medical care for your injuries.

9.  Should I open a Med Pay claim?

If you have coverage and you are experiencing any symptoms of pain or discomfort then definitely call you insurance company and open a claim.

10.  How long does the pain last?

Depends upon the severity of the accident, past medical history, your age and how quickly you sought medical care after the event but typically it could last 8 to 14 weeks before your return to pre-accident status.

11.  Why can’t I sleep?

You can’t find a comfortable position because your muscles are strained, pulled and/or spasming.  It’s best to use ice to numb the area which it will make it possible to get comfortable and fall asleep.

12.  Do I need an attorney?

It’s always best to have proper representation when dealing with any insurance company.  The damage to your body is taken more seriously when you have one.

13.  What symptoms can I have?

Depending upon the type of impact, symptoms can range from a pounding headache, nausea, dizziness, neck pain, low back pain, as well as shoulder pain, elbow pain , knee pain, wrist pain or any area you may have struck with the inside of the car as well.